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Our online solution proves most convenient and allows you get support remotely, thus promoting flexibility and even saving costs considerably, as travel and other expenses are completely eliminated! Additionally, the ability to enlist the services of experts from anywhere in the world through our online course platform, is a big plus for all those who live in places where the best talent in terms of coaching might not be available.
We offer individual and group coaching sessions to help you realize specified goals, vision and purpose. Additionally, we go a step further via our online course platform to provide various learning resources from experts around the world, to aid improved outcomes alongside personal and professional fulfilment.
We offer various packages to enable selection of the solution most appropriate to your individual or group specific requirements at each point in time. Each session takes place virtually via online video platforms, thereby providing a convenient and cost effective solution. Additional coaching can also be provided between programs but there will be an additional charge for this.

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The curriculum for each course is designed by the instructor. Each class includes pre-recorded video content, a class workbook and suggested exercises.
Upon payment and registration, you will receive unique credentials to log into your student account where you can access the videos online. However, the videos cant be downloaded, but can be completed at your own pace on any computers, smartphone or tablet with internet access from anywhere in the world. The extent to which you succeed however depends on your personal commitment to complete the courses and implement learnings.
The fee includes unlimited access to every lesson offered by the instructor in the particular course you signed up for; each course requires payment to access content.
Unfortunately we don't offer refunds for the online courses after your unique credentials to access the course have been provided. However, you are entitled to a full refund for the individual and group coaching sessions, if you withdraw within the first seven (7) days of signing up. Conversely, If you decide to withdraw from the program after the first seven (7) days, there will be no refund. Purpose Bay requires withdrawal notice in writing prior to the service taking place, any notice received after the service has been provided will not be eligible for a refund.

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