Purpose Bay provides top-quality online coaching and professional development services. The founder believes that most individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses suffer two major problems; they lack the guidance needed to harness their talents and strenghts, to achieve purpose and the training or depth of knowledge to focus on their businesses from a true “ownership” perspective. Both lead to sub-optimal outcomes, lack of business and personal growth and frequent owner burnout.

Purpose Bay believes that it can add value by giving individuals and businesses access to untapped brilliance, to aid fulfilment and improve outcomes. We will help you gain clarity of purpose, as it’s difficult to achieve anything worthwhile when you’re unable to define your purpose in life. By clearly defining the reasons you do what you do, you can better approach the task at hand with a clear mind and an enthusiastic sense of spirit. This makes all the difference in our attempts to achieve outlandish dreams.

We don’t stop at providing individualized or group life coaching sessions. After clearly helping you reach purpose, we take it a step further to actualize that purpose through professional development, by providing broad-based learning approaches and experiences online, to help you achieve personal and professional goals, while improving your competence, capacity and productivity.

We provide global access to all kinds of talent and resources to meet the varying interests of people across the world. Our online solution proves most convenient and allows you get support remotely, thus promoting flexibility and even saving costs considerably, as travel expenses are completely eliminated! The ability to enlist the services of experts from anywhere in the world is a big plus for all those who live in places where the best talent in terms of coaching might not be available.

This consolidated approach distinguishes us and ensures we close the gap between identification and actualization of purpose, personally and professionally.